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About Jilba-Wallace- LifeMovesCounselingabout Jilba

Brought up in rural Australia, I spent my early life exploring the vibrant landscape of ‘the Bush’. This connection to nature and the practice of witnessing through the senses has supported me through the challenges and gifts of my life.

I moved to Colorado with my family in 1989 to start a second career and received a Somatic Psychology Graduate Degree from Naropa University. I was attracted to the contemplative approach this university offered. Since then, I have continued my “right livelihood” offering counseling and therapy to this community, and take the opportunity of running workshops on my visits back to Australia. I also learned the trials of caring for an aging and dying mother; this offered a wealth of understanding for others who are caregivers. It is truly a powerful gift to witness the end of a life.

Through early life experiences of loss, depression, and anxiety, I’ve committed to creating a “life worth living”. Over the years I’ve cultivated a strong foundation of mindfulness practices to remain balanced, aware and calm. I trust that this is helpful for my clients. who are reminded of the power of staying present, using the senses to stay aware of the body, and detaching from the thinking, “anxious” mind.

My experience living in different cultures and traveling extensively have provided me with a reverence for the beauty of the physical world. It is within this reverence that I find solace, inner peace and a sense of community, and a realization that we are more than just our human forms.

Aussies are known for their cheerful informality and acceptance of what is. I take an open, spacious approach to working with clients, and have a compassionate curiosity for their unique paths. I am honored to be a support to help people dance with the beauty of how Life Moves.