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LifeMoves Counseling – Moving Toward Peace

“I just feel done.”

Do you regularly feel stuck, confused, and overwhelmed? One client of mine felt this way when we first began working together. She said she just felt “done”.  She felt blocked off from everyone and everything.  She had been helping everyone else’s life run smoothly but had been neglecting her own needs. If you can relate to this client’s experience, and you also feel uninspired, unexplainably upset or “off balance”, you may be struggling with anxiety or depression. The persistent fast pace of modern society, or living in constant overdrive can lead to burnout, overwhelm, illness, mental instability, and unrest.

Skill and practice are needed to manage the inevitable stressors and influences that make up a human life. “Life 101” is not a subject we are often taught or mentored in, or is it not delivered with compassion and understanding.

There is hope to manage your anxiety and depression.

By beginning to search for help, you have already begun your healing process. Through attentive support and compassionate counseling, you can feel better quickly – feel calmer, more peaceful, rejuvenated and refueled. With coping skills to support you to manage life’s ups and downs, and regular connection to a caring network, you can feel like life is worthwhile again, and truly enjoy the present moment. Body-based therapy can help you rebuild confidence and feel capable handling challenges, allowing you to trust that you are making wise choices for your health and well-being.

Starting on a new endeavor can often be accompanied by concerns and skepticism. Please visit the Costs & Concerns page to understand how your concerns will be addressed.

What if therapy/counseling doesn’t work?

We will know quickly if the format I use doesn’t meet your needs, and I will have other resources to support you. It is possible to finally find relief, and likely it will require trying a new method. One client told me I was the fifth therapist she’d seen and that she didn’t have a lot of faith anything would ever shift. While working with me learning mindfulness and applying body-based techniques she had life-changing results.

Success Story:

Another former client said he had been struggling with anxiety and depression all his life. He found it hard to know how to get what he wanted, which was a relationship. Just staying present when an attractive woman talked to him was very difficult. After working with me he was able to identify ways to deal with his fear of rejection. His confidence and focus improved greatly, and he had a truly significant love affair which gave him what he was looking for.

What I Bring:

For over 25 years I have been helping those in my private practice and in psychiatric hospital settings to cultivate personal acceptance and healing. I’ve helped hundreds of clients and colleagues connect the mind with the body to heal and create wholeness. My specialties include Movement Therapies and Mindfulness Practices, which connect individuals to their innate intelligence, the inherent wisdom that gets cut off or dampened when you’re anxious or depressed.

Typically we need to re-learn how to be in the present moment and be available for the natural flow of life. After working with me, you will lose the inertia and heaviness anxiety and depression bring. I will help you revitalize your sense of purpose and meaning to confidently navigate your life. The first step is to decide you are worth the investment to regain your strengths and create peace in your life.

If you feel ready to accept support to change your life and feel empowered again, check out my free offerings:

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Next Mindfulness Training runs Wednesdays in September, 4th, 11th, 18th & 25th.

6:30-8:30pm. Contact Jilba for more info.