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What colleagues say about Jilba Wallace, MA, LPC

“Jilba possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in how to help clients feel their best. The combination of body-based skills and Dialectical Behavior Therapy makes Jilba a uniquely qualified and capable therapist. After 20 years as colleagues, I totally trust her clinical expertise and her ability to assess problems and develop strategies that are appropriate and effective for her clients. Jilba has a great sense of humor, genuine warmth and non-judgmental demeanor. These qualities make her an excellent choice for any clients struggling with depression and anxiety.” -Christy Griffin, LCSW, “Life Solutions with DBT”

“Jilba is a well-known clinician in the community. Her expertise in the mental health field has made her a role model for other therapists in the area. Jilba has a very calming and non-judgmental approach to working with her clients. She offers very helpful and extremely practical solutions when life can feel overwhelming and demanding. When I make a referral to Jilba I feel confident that clients are getting the highest level of care. She is able to guide her clients in finding meaning, purpose, and hope when life seems hopeless.” -Josh Brown, LCSW

“I’ve been happily sending patients to Jilba for years. She has made a tremendous impact in the lives of our patients at North Vista Medical Center. Her expertise and ability to connect with patients is impressive. She’s a kind, warm soul and we are fortunate to have her services at our locations in the Frederick and Longmont offices.” -Clint Flanagan, MD, Nextera Health Care, North Vista Medical Center

“I have admired Jilba’s work for over 13 years. She is a grounded and clear psychotherapist who is always acquiring new skills. I know when I refer clients to her they will be given good care and she will link them with other resources in the area if needed. I admire her depth of character, professionalism, and thoroughness. Mutual clients and family members we’ve assisted have reported that therapy helped them get clarity, process feelings and improve their abilities to manage challenges. I always feel relieved after referring to Jilba because I trust her compassion and expertise. She has the knowledge and skill to help anyone suffering from anxiety and depression.”-Philip Cerdorian, LPC, Cerdorian Psychotherapy

What clients have said about Jilba Wallace, MA, LPC

One client used the words “compelling, very uplifting, kinda freeing” about the work we did together.

I worked with a married woman in her forties with grown children. She came to me because she couldn’t seem to get over her mother’s death ten years ago. She’d also had a recent trauma at her job and found herself avoiding work, feeling stuck and she was starting to block herself off from her family. She had always been the “problem solver” and the “peacemaker” but now she was sick of this. She longed for a more fulfilling job, had gotten tired of hovering over kids or dealing with the chaos of her extended family, and was feeling panicky and stressed. She felt she may have been sliding into a depression.

In our sessions, she explored her issues through movement and mindfulness training. She had many insights about how burying her needs contributed to her problems. Soon, she was able to “accept the fact that I’m me, warts and all”. She felt comfortable and happy again with herself. She found more balance in her work and home life. She identified what kind of career would be fulfilling and made steps to change this. She is now not so guilty about taking care of herself and has her self-confidence back. Her stress level is much lower. She is honest with her family about her needs and is letting go of “fixing” them.